Dungeon Roll: Henchmen

Dungeon Roll: Henchmen

Expansion for

Not Everyone Can be a Hero!

You've made it as an adventurer, but now you tire of mundane tasks. Why not hire some help? Henchmen can do your dirty work - as long as you share the treasure. And, should something untoward (perish the thought!) happen to them on the job... well, that`s what clerics are for!

Henchmen is an expansion and rules booster for Dungeon Roll.

Dungeon Roll: Henchmen components
Released: 2017
EAN: 9781938146503
Publishers: Tasty Minstrel Games
Designers: Chris Darden
Dungeon Roll: Henchmen components
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Amazon_com gb $ 6.78 
Amazon_de gb € 16.31 
Amazon_it gb € 34.92 
Amazon_es gb € 35.68 
Amazon_fr gb € 47.17 

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Dungeon Roll: Henchmen components

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