Excitement in the Stone Age! The saber-toothed tiger clan is looking for a new leader, but which one of you can take care of the clan in Honga and thereby prove to be a worthy leader?

In order to find out, you must tackle various tasks: gather supplies, comb through the dark forest, pay homage to the nature gods, attract mammoths, and successfully execute barters with other clans. But no matter how busy you are with these tasks, you must never under any circumstances forget to take care of Honga! Whoever neglects the saber-toothed tiger risks having him come and eat your food — and getting rid of him can turn out to be very difficult.

Honga gameplay
Released: 2018
EAN: 4010168240190
Publishers: Haba
Designers: Günter Burkhardt
Artists: Stephanie Böhm
Honga gameplay
Honga components
Honga components
Honga back of the box
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Honga gameplay

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