Ambar gameplay
Ambar gameplay


35-45 min. 10+

Millions of years old, amber is considered a semi-precious jewel used since ancient times. While the best known color of amber is yellow/honey, there are rare varieties of other colors. In Ambar, you want to collect the amber by following dangerous routes to create attractive jewels and sell them to the highest bidder in villas and castles. There are two main play areas:

  • The route days, which we will form by picking up cards from the route deck during the turn.
  • The action zone, which is made up of four fixed cards in front of each player.

During their turn, a player picks up cards from the route deck, where neutral cards (cream color) and cards that represent dangers of the journey (black cards) will appear.

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  • 2018
publisher designer artist EAN
  • 0655302823248