Ganymede: Moon

Ganymede: Moon

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Ganymede: Moon enlarges each player board with a new location on both the left (the Moon) and the right (the Ganymede Council Chamber). You can transport councilors to this Council Chamber, with sixteen councilors in the game, each with a unique ability available only to the player who holds it. One such councilor, Marty Simon, allows you to choose an Earth shuttle from those available and place it in the column under your own board without triggering its effect or moving settlers.

Each councilor is worth victory points - 1 VP in the case of Marty Simon - and each player can claim four during play, with the last one acquired always granting a powerful bonus...

Ganymede: Moon cardGanymede: Moon card
Released: 2019
EAN: 7111605815029
Publishers: Sorry We Are French
Designers: Hope S. Hwang
Artists: Oliver Mootoo
Ganymede: Moon cardGanymede: Moon card
Ganymede: Moon card
Ganymede: Moon back of the box
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Ganymede: Moon cardGanymede: Moon card

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