Ports of Europe: Antwerpen

Ports of Europe: Antwerpen box
2 - 4 
60 min. 

Antwerpen is the second game in the PORTS OF EUROPE series from The Game Master. The first game in the series is Rotterdam. The new harbour game Antwerpen is a stand alone new boardgame with some specific game mechanics which differ from Rotterdam. The game play is more compact and dynamic and the variance in scoring is more diverse.

Belgians are worldwide known to enjoy life, thanks to the delicious products of their fatherland. The best chocolate, beer of high fermentation and of course the real Flemish French fries. But without cocoa no pralines, without potatoes no fries! In the Antwerp port the necessities for an enjoyable life are brought together from all parts of the world: cocoa, barley and potatoes, but also containers filled with games and toys.

The players are owners of a fleet who must compete on the busy channels in the Schelde. They need to find their way in the network of locks and bring their cargo safe in the inland harbour! Each player has several special assignments which they try to accomplish. The planning in Antwerpen is easier than in Rotterdam since the product cards available are visible from the beginning. And also exchanging products could be very helpful to get the right combination of products needed to score your bonus points.

Characteristics of the game:

• Sort of game: tactical family game

• No. of players: 2-4 players

• Age: 8 years and up

• Duration: 60 minutes

Antwerpen is being released in September 2010 in a multi lingual version with English, German, French and Flemish rules.

The game can be played and will be available at SPIEL'10 at The Game Master's stand 12-42.

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