Fog of Love: It Will Never Last

Fog of Love: It Will Never Last

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This is the worst date you've ever been on. How could your friend think you would be right for each other? You have nothing in common.

Relationships are hard. This expansion is harder. It Will Never Last is an expansion for Fog of Love that offers the game's most challenging story yet. How will you navigate a relationship that is doomed from the start? It requires you to interpret what your partner wants like never before. It also comes with 24 new feature cards which you can mix straight into the base game to bring new flavor to your characters, no matter what story you play.

This expansion was originally included in the Kickstarter version of Fog of Love as Mismatched Love.

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Released: 2018
EAN: 0843002100022
SKU: HHP0002
Publishers: Hush Hush Projects
Designers: Jacob Jaskov
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Philibert gb € 30.95 
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