Axis & Allies & Zombies

Axis & Allies & Zombies

In Axis & Allies & Zombies, a new take on the iconic World War II strategy board game, each player takes command of one of the major powers, joining either the Axis or the Allies. Players then fight for victory against the opposing faction and a terrifying new foe: zombies. In this game that features streamlined game play, curveballs like chainsaw tanks and zombie mind control rays, and a zany storyline, will players survive the onslaught or succumb to the uprising?

Axis & Allies & Zombies card
Released: 2018
EAN: 0630509700622
Artists: Nate Van Dyke
Axis & Allies & Zombies card
Axis & Allies & Zombies back of the box
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Magierspiele gb € 26.20
FantasyWelt gb € 27.99
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 31.90 gb $ 37.34
Spelhuis gb € 31.99
Lotana gb € 32.50
Philibert gb € 32.95 gb € 33.40 gb € 34.79 gb € 35.70
SpelSpul gb € 35.25
Spellenvariant gb € 37.25 gb € 39.42 gb € 39.03 gb € 30.00
Milan Spiele gb € 31.20
Summoner gb € 32.95
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Axis & Allies & Zombies card

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