Bee Alert

Bee Alert

In Bee Alert, a.k.a. Honigbienchen, six colored plastic bees are hidden below six beehives with players initially knowing which bees are where.

On a turn, the active player draws a card. If it's a hive card, she takes a hive from the middle without lifting it up; if it's a bear card, she returns one hive to the middle of the table; if it's a bee card, she lifts one hive to reveal the bee. If the bee matches the color on the card, she moves the hive towards herself.

The first player with four hives wins! Alternatively, when the cards run out, whoever has the most hives in front of her wins.

Bee Alert components
Released: 2012
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Designers: Reiner Knizia
Artists: Michael Menzel
Bee Alert components
Bee Alert components
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Bee Alert components

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