Henhouse Havoc

Henhouse Havoc

In Henhouse Havoc, it's an eye for an eye, and an egg for an egg!

Each new day looks like the one before on Shuttyurtrapp Farm. Barely laid, the eggs in the henhouses vanish, as if by magic! It drives the farmers furious. The culprit: YOU! Choose a furry, feathery, or clawed army of pigs, moles, rabbits, or roosters to command, and make your opponents squeal…or squawk!

Take sheaves from every enemy unit you defeat, then trade them for glorious eggs on the black market. Collect five eggs and keep your army alive, and you'll become the undisputed master of the henhouse. The hens will only have eggs for you!

Henhouse Havoc gameplay
Released: 2018
EAN: 3760008426017
Publishers: Ankama
Henhouse Havoc gameplay
Henhouse Havoc cards
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Henhouse Havoc gameplay

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