Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Tyrants of Lothal

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Tyrants of Lothal

Tyrants of Lothal introduces new heroes, enemies, allies, map tiles and a six-part mini-campaign that can be played on its own or inserted into another campaign. Join the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels and fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hondo Ohnaka, and the Tyrants of Lothal! Or pit them against each other with new characters ready to enter your skirmish battles!

The mini-campaign is designed to be optionally extended by side missions in the associated ally and villain packs which include their own story epilogues (Thrawn, Ezra and Kanan, Sabine and Zeb and Hondo, however, Hera and Chopper are also somewhat integrated, though without an epilogue).

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Tyrants of Lothal components
Released: August 2018
EAN: 0841333104979
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Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Tyrants of Lothal components

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