Get Packing

Get Packing

It's time to for vacation! How quickly can you pack your bags? The quickest one to pack their bags wins! Get Packing is a puzzle game that will send your neurons on vacation. Take all the items named on the card and place them inside the suitcase. The goal is simple: be the fastest to complete your card and close your suitcase correctly! Get packing contains 4 suitcases, 52 plastic items that you pack, and 30 fully illustrated cards featuring several dif culty levels. This entertainingly quick puzzle game will have all ages packed and ready for vacation with a smile in tow.

Get Packing gameplay
Released: 2018
EAN: 3558380051640
Publishers: Asmodee
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Store Languages Price Stock nl € 17.95 nl € 18.69 
Milan Spiele de € 18.70 
Spellenrijk nl € 19.95 
Amazon_es gb € 22.64 nl € 22.98 
Fun nl € 22.98 
Amazon_de it € 24.51 
Amazon_fr it € 25.13 
Amazon_es it € 25.13 
Amazon_it it € 25.89 
Amazon_de nl € 26.44 
Amazon_de gb € 28.07 
Spellenhuis nl € 37.90 
Amazon_fr gb € 44.28 
Magierspiele de € 16.70 
Amazon_it gb € 27.99 
FantasyWelt de € 30.49 
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Get Packing gameplay

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