Pirate Fluxx

Pirate Fluxx

A pirate themed variant of Fluxx, this game is much like the original. Simply follow the rules that are currently in play. Start by drawing a card and playing a card, but even those can be changed. There's no way to win at the begining, but once a Goal card is played, you have to play the appropriate Keeper cards in front of you or play other cards to keep them away from everyone else, like Steal a Keeper or play a new goal card to replace the old one.

Pirate Fluxx components
Released: 2011
EAN: 9781936112159
Designers: Andrew Looney
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Amazon_de de € 17.43 
Amazon_de gb € 19.32 
Spellenrijk gb € 21.94 
Milan Spiele gb € 22.50 
Bol.com gb € 27.94 
Amazon_it gb € 30.01 
Amazon_es gb € 35.93 
Amazon_fr gb € 44.98 
Spellenhuis gb € 25.90 
Philibert gb € 28.90 
Amazon_fr de € 48.94 
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Pirate Fluxx components

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