Onitama: Way of the Wind

Onitama: Way of the Wind

Expansion for

Once again, rival schools have come to Onitama to see who has the dominant Art — but something is different this time: Their activity has attracted the attention of a wind spirit! This indomitable force will interfere with the students, but it may on occasion grant an unforeseen benefit as well!

Onitama: Way of the Wind, an expansion for Onitama, includes a wind spirit, a neutral game piece that creates a new layer of interaction in the game. Two new move cards are included, as well as eight wind spirit cards.

Onitama: Way of the Wind gameplay
Released: 2018
EAN: 0853211004554
Designers: Shimpei Sato
Onitama: Way of the Wind gameplay
Onitama: Way of the Wind gameplay
Onitama: Way of the Wind components
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Onitama: Way of the Wind gameplay

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