Pavlov's House

Pavlov's House

In Pavlov’s House, you take control of the valiant defenders of a Soviet strongpoint in Stalingrad as they hold out against constant German attacks for almost two months. You also control the key leaders throughout the Soviet 62nd Army that made the defense of Pavlov’s House possible.

The goal of Pavlov’s House is to last until the 7th Company, 3rd Battalion, 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment of the 13th Guards Division is tasked with storming a key German strongpoint during the Battle of Stalingrad. In the game, this is depicted by playing through a deck of cards representing elements of the German 6th Army.

Pavlov's House components
Released: July 2018
  • 0810003561237
  • 0608766547113
Publishers: DVG
Designers: David Thompson (I)
Artists: David Thompson (I)
Pavlov's House components
Pavlov's House cards
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Pavlov's House components

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