Looting Atlantis

  20-30 min.
Atlantis is falling! The citizens are fleeing the doomed island but you, and a few other forward thinking citizens, have decided to hedge your bets by grabbing as much high-tech loot as you can on the way out in order to establish more comfy lives for yourselves in whatever less civilized part of the world you decide to call your new home.
In Looting Atlantis players take turns first directing the flow of lava from the erupting volcano and then flying your air car to various locations in the city to grab up various technology cards. The different technologies score you points via different methods at the game's end but, additionally, allow you to discard them during play for a bonus effect. read more...

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blue yellow cards points green orange red collecting circle steal technology technologies island collect stealing lava mass energy personal force field quantum nullifier mental amplifier fusion battery

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