Gold Fever

Gold Fever

Experience the excitement of gold fever in a highly portable press-your-luck game in which you don't need a table to play.

Whoever first draws four gold nuggets out of their bag in Gold Fever wins the game — but if you keep digging gold for too long, you risk drawing so much gravel that you may lose it all! Gold Fever offers fun decision-making with an immediate payoff in a short playing time.

The game contains 5 cloth bags and 95 oversized gem pieces. It is dead simple to play and includes four variants to mix up the experience.

Gold Fever components
Released: 2017
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Designers: Daniel Skjold Pedersen
Gold Fever components
Gold Fever back of the box
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FantasyWelt gb fi € 20.49 
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Milan Spiele gb € 22.00 
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Gold Fever components

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