In Urbania the city center has seen glory in its past. But the future calls to you for renewal! Build the new city upon the old, and forge ahead with progress, hammering new profits from those old foundations! Plan a new landscape and garner power and prestige to yourself!

In Urbania, players renew buildings and hire specialists while trying to accomplish goals set in their submitted projects.

Urbania gameplay
Released: 2012
EAN: 029877041244
Publishers: Mayfair Games
Designers: Simone Luciani
Artists: Franz Vohwinkel
Urbania gameplay
Urbania components
Urbania components
Urbania cards
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Amazon.de gb € 22.49
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Amazon.es gb € 22.49
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 24.30
Summoner gb € 36.95

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Urbania gameplay

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