Circus Puppy

The most popular circus in Animal City- Circus Puppy is going to perform. There are different types of dogs such as French Bull, Corgi, Husky, Shiba Inu.

The show is about to start. However, some members get lost because of chasing the butterfly too far away. Seems like the leader Dogee has no choice but to let rookies go on the stage with the rest of the senior members. Will these stunt dogs perform a great show for you?

In this game, players draw a dog card and stack it on the stage whether low stage or high stage by turns to get the point. Whoever gets the highest points wins the game. Players have to draw a dog card and follow the instruction shown on the dog card to stack it on the stage.

Circus Puppy components
Released: 2016
EAN: 0850505008229
Designers: Aza Chen
Artists: Aza Chen
Circus Puppy components
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Milan Spiele € 22.00

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Circus Puppy components

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