Banquet Royal

Banquet Royal

Become the Royal Cook and win the favor of the royal family by respecting the order of the menus banquet given in their honor. But be careful, you're not the only cook at the banquet and the royal family has specials request!

Throughout Banquet Royal, players will place dishes or their toques on the table, and by respecting the good order of the combinations, they will gain royal points — but you also have to memorize the dishes under the kitchen bells to fulfill the desire of the royal family. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is declared Royal Cook.

The game includes a different level of difficulty, strategy, and scoring depending on what you want.

Banquet Royal gameplay
Released: April 2018
EAN: 3770001874050
Publishers: Bankiiiz Editions
Designers: Alain Rivollet
Artists: Vincent Joubert
Banquet Royal gameplay
Banquet Royal components
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Banquet Royal gameplay

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