Unexpected Treasures

Unexpected Treasures

In Unexpected Treasures you are on a mission to collect old furniture from a bulk waste collection site and turn a profit by selling those pieces to paying customers. It's first come, first served. What's more, you are able to take only a few items home at a time – and you have to be wary of a thief who is out on the prowl just waiting to steal your collected goods from your home.

Released: 2002
EAN: 0655132004848
Designers: Friedemann Friese
Unexpected Treasures cards
Unexpected Treasures cards
Unexpected Treasures cards
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Philibert fr € 16.50
SpelSpul gb € 19.95
Amazon.es € 19.95
Amazon.fr fr € 19.00
Amazon.de fr € 22.41
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Amazon.it de € 25.91
Amazon.es de € 25.91
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Amazon.com gb $ 35.99
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