Card City XL gameplay
Card City XL gameplay
Card City XL

Card City XL

20-60 min. 12+

Card City XL is the ultimate evolution of Card City.

CCXL features 240 ways to play:

  • Choose one level of complexity among 3
  • Choose one victory condition among 5
  • Choose how many variants and which of them among 4, which means 16 combos

and you have 3x5x16 = CCXL ways to play CCXL

The game contains 188 cards in 7 colors, new drafts possibilities, new city size, new bicolored cards, new rules for more interaction during the building phase, new Pollution cards, new Parc cards...

You are still the mayor of a city, but now you have new abilities and new powers.

  • 2017
publishers designer EAN
  • 0653341425065