Sentinels of the Multiverse: Omnitron IV Environment

  45 min.
After the cosmically imbued Omnitron was destroyed by the heroes of earth, many thought the last had been seen of the destructive artificial intelligence. Baron Blade merely saw potential. He worked through many channels to recover parts of the Omnitron frame, and rebuilt and reactivated them as his own personal Omni-Blade!
However, after the Vengeful Five's defeat, there was enough sentience left in the Omni-Blade that it knew to hide. It slowly accumlated parts and resources, but it had lost much of its intelligence. It struggled to reach its former power, but it was missing too much of itself. Instead, it formed a massive construction assemblary. There, it pumped out drones and devices, hoping to match in numbers what it once had in power. read more...

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