Castle Panic: Engines of War

Expansion for

Engines of War introduces an Engineer, who uses new Resource cards to build Catapults, Ballistas, Barricades, and more, to better defend the Castle from the growing capabilities of the Monsters.

Now they are charging at you with a Siege Tower, War Wagon, and a Battering Ram. And they've enlisted the help of a Shaman, Breathtaker, and Goblin Saboteurs. Prepare your forces! The fight just added Engines of War!

Forbidden Island gameplay
Released: December 2016
Publishers: Fireside Games
Designers: Justin De Witt
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Philibert gb € 17.95
Amazon_de € 35.97
Amazon_it € 41.49
Amazon_fr € 43.14
Amazon_es € 48.46
Milan Spiele gb € 19.90

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Forbidden Island gameplay

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