Humble Bundle contains many digital board games

23 Apr da Jerodev

Humble Bundle is a website that puts bundles of digital games on their store for a realy good price. Today, Humble Bundle added their newest deal. A Bundle containing over 10 different digital board games and corresponding dlc's. All games can be activated through Steam and can be yours for just €10.

The current bundle is sponsored by Asmodee Digital and contains some of their best digital board games. The games are chunked to different levels where each is a little bit more expensive. The first games are yours for only €0.89 and gives you Ticket to Ride: First Journey, Gloom, Love Letter and Twilight Struggle. One level higher contains bgurl=85/], Carcassonne, and Mysterium with expansions for €7.33. The highest level costs €10.67 and includes Scythe and Pathfinder Adventures.

This bundle is available until the 7th of May, so if this is something for you, go and get it!

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