Inis doos
2 - 4 
60 - 90 min. 
november 2016
In het gezelschapsspel Inis gaan de spelers Keltische geschiedenis schrijven. Het doel van het spel is om verkozen te worden als Koning van het eiland Inis. Er zijn drie verschillende manieren om de overwinning te behalen: door leiderschap (aantal clan figuren), door gebiedsverovering (verspreiding van clan figuren) of door religie (bezetting van gebieden met heiligdommen).At the start of each round, players draft a hand of four action cards (with 13 action cards for three players and 17 for four players) during the Assembly. Action cards not played at the end of one season are not held for the next. Players also have access to leader cards for the territories that allow it and where they were elected leader during the assembly. Each Assembly reallocates those cards. Finally, they collect "epic tales" cards that depict the deeds of the ancient Irish gods and heroes, like Cuchulainn, the Dagda, Lugh and many others. These will be kept and used to inspire the clans and achieve extraordinary feats...under the right circumstances. The cards provide a variety of actions: adding clans, moving clans, building/exploring, and special actions.Careful drafting, hand management, bluffing (especially once players understand the importance of passing their turn), good timing, and a precise understanding of the balance of power are the keys to victory. After a discovery game you'll be ready for a full and epic game, where an undisputed will be king by the Assembly for his merit and wisdom.

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