Dust Tactics: Major Tina Baumann’s - "Tina & Hyane"

Dust Tactics: Major Tina Baumann’s - "Tina & Hyane"

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Major Tina Baumann is the head of the Abwehr for the Neue Deutsches Afrika Korps, the famed NDAK. She is a master counter-spy. When confronting a suspect, she is known to let her vicious pet hyena, Hyäne, do most of the questioning.

Major Baumann’s headquarters are based in Tripoli, Libya. People who enter her compound without wearing an Axis uniform are never to be seen again. Sometimes, even those who wear the uniform disappear for her wrath knows no boundaries.

These miniatures come with their own unit card, to use with Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Battlefield rules and provide new tactic opportunities.

EAN: 0841520100913
Editores: Dust Studio
Diseñadores: Paolo Parente
Artistas: Paolo Parente
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