Sit Down!

Sit Down! is a Belgian boardgame publisher, up and running since 2011. At that time, Sit Down! published their first game entitled Wiraqocha (by Henri Kermarrec), a steam punk adventure in the ameritrash style, based on smart dicing mechanism. In 2012, the new game was Karnag (by Pascal Cadot), a German style item in which some druids are fighting against evil creatures. In 2013, Rockwell (by Bruno Crépeault) invited players to dig the earth's crust to find resources. Using an amazing mix of mechanisms, Rockwell gives a really immersive experience. In 2014, Sit Down! expanded its range by adding lighter games, starting with Sushi Dice (by Henri Kermarrec). In 2015, Sit Down! published another one of Henri Kermarrec's games: Ekö, which received the 2014 Boulogne award (the most famous French prototype contest) thanks to its elegant and simple mechanic.

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