Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command

Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command

Expansion for

Covenant is a city under siege. White Captain Markus enforces his harsh brand of justice on the people, rumors of a rebel leader have begun to inspire the masses to fight back.

Epic Card Game: Tyrants is an expansion for the Epic Card Game that's packaged in four non-random booster packs (Draka's Rage, Markus' Command, Helion's Deceit, and Raxxa's Revenge), with each booster pack containing twelve new game cards and a double-sided token.

Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command cards
Released: 2016
  • 0722589247323
  • 0852613005176
Publishers: White Wizard Games
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Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command cards

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