Simurgh is a game for 2-5 players who become heads of powerful clans in a fantastical world where humans and dragons live, hunt and go to wars together. As a head of a powerful family, each player will breed mighty dragons, make use of their special abilities, gather resources and try to make their house the most powerful by gathering the most Power Points. The game is played in a sequence of turns, with each turn allowing a player to perform 1 Main Action and any number of Free Actions. As a Main Action, a player will usually place a worker on an Action Space.

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Simurgh game board
Released: 2015
EAN: 6425453000263
Designers: Pierluca Zizzi
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Magierspiele de € 20.70 
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Amazon_it gb € 47.28 gb € 54.99 
Philibert gb € 59.90 
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Simurgh game board

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