Star Wars: The Card Game - Galactic Ambitions

Star Wars: The Card Game - Galactic Ambitions

Two great powers struggle for the fate of the galaxy across the Star Wars saga. On one side, you find the fledgling Rebel Alliance, led by a few brave politicians and desperately fighting for the hearts and minds of people on countless planets. Opposing the Rebels stands the might of the Galactic Empire, a monolithic government ruled by the Sith Lords, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

Galactic Ambitions pits these two powers against each other in a struggle for the galaxy itself. Like previous deluxe expansions, the twenty-six new objective sets included in Galactic Ambitions fix the spotlight on two factions,the Sith and the Rebel Alliance, but every faction receives cards that push your decks in new directions.

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Star Wars: The Card Game - Galactic Ambitions cards
Released: 2016
  • 0841333100551
  • SWC30
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Star Wars: The Card Game - Galactic Ambitions cards

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