Lost Cities: Rivals

Lost Cities: Rivals

Time to travel once again to distant locations, but in Lost Cities: Rivals you might find yourself running short of cash to take the trips you want!

Lost Cities: Rivals features gameplay familiar from other titles in the Lost Cities series. Players will collect colored expedition cards and place them in ascending order in personal expeditions, possibly placing wager cards before beginning an expedition in order to increase its value. The primary difference in this title compared to others is that you must win auctions in order to place cards in your expeditions.

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Lost Cities: Rivals cards
Released: 2018
EAN: 0814743013643
Publishers: Kosmos
Designers: Reiner Knizia
Artists: Sébastien Caiveau
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Amazon_de de € 9.74 
Milan Spiele de € 11.30 
Brettspielversand de € 11.79 
Amazon_it de € 13.66 
Amazon_de de € 15.11 
Spelshop.be de € 15.99 
Amazon_es de € 16.87 
Amazon_fr gb € 17.53 
Amazon_de gb € 18.30 
Thalia.de de € 18.89 
Amazon_fr gb € 20.26 
FantasyWelt de € 24.09 
Magierspiele de € 11.50 
FantasyWelt gb € 25.13 
Spellenhuis de € 27.90 
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Lost Cities: Rivals cards

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