Three new "Unlock! Escape Room" games announced by Asmodee

30 Jun 2017 by Jerodev

Escape from a haunted mansion, a stranded submarine or a deserted island, it's something we only want to experience in movies. But this year, you will be able to experience this yourselves with these new board games. Assemble your friends because together you are going on new adventures full of mysteries and riddles. Are you escaping these bizarre locations on time?

At the start of this year, Space Cowboys brought us the first three Unlock! games and almost everybody loved these at first sight. These games are based on the rather popular escape room games that are popping up everywhere. You and your friends are being dropped at a specific location and it is your job to find out the mysteries of this place and escape as fast as possible!


Exploring rooms in Unlock!
Exploring rooms in Unlock!


The three new scenarios offer a big range of diversity of locations. The first location, with the name The Tonipal’s Treasure, takes the players on a treasure hunt to find the riches of Captain Smith hidden on one of the tropical islands. But before you can start your adventure you are being arrested and taken prisoner by the governor of the islands, your first challenge is to escape from prison.

The second adventure, The Nautilus’ Traps, takes you to the bottom of the ocean where an unknown sea monster is attacking your submarine! It's your job to escape the monster along with your crew and reach the surface before you run out of oxygen.

Adventure number three will take you to The House on the Hill, an abandoned mansion that has been spooked by paranormal activities. It is your job to enter the house, find the source of this spooky madness and destroy it. After that, leave as fast as possible. There is nobody who knows what madness you will find within the mansion, so be prepared for everything!


Preview art for each of the new Unlock! scenarios
Preview art for each of the new Unlock! scenarios


We have not yet have had the chance to try any of the Unlock! games, but after reading part of the stories and scenarios of these new adventures this is something that has to come on the table this summer. According to Asmodee's website, the new scenarios will be available in stores in the fourth quarter of 2017. For more updates, keep an eye on this website!

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