Fantasy Flight Announces New game in the Whitechapel Series: Whitehall Mystery

14 Jun 2017 by Jerodev

It has not been long since Fantasy Flight Games released the new expansion for their murder deduction board game Letters from whitechapel. Yet this week they announced a new game in this series, Whitehall Mystery. The game will be a standalone variant in which players take the roles of investigators to find the notorious culprit of another horrible murder.

Whitehall Mystery is situated in the Whitehall district, London and is set in 1888. A woman's torso has been found on the doorstep of the New Scotland Yard. Two to three players take it on them to find the culprit and take him in. A fourth player will be taking the role of Jack the Ripper. Jack has to evade the police, plant body parts and escape the district without any of the investigators finding him.


Setting up a Whitehall Mystery game
Setting up a Whitehall Mystery game


The new game will be played the same way you play Letters from whitechapel, but on a completely new board. The new city map has about the same size as its predecessor but allows for more alleys and variation. There is also the possibility to move over water using different kinds of boats. Players now also have a special ability they can use once per game, this way they have another advantage over Jack and might be able to catch him this time!

All currently available information about this new game can be found on the website of Fantasy Flight Games. The game has been officially announced and will be available in stores in the third quarter of 2017.

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