Our Kickstarter picks for June 2017

9 Jun 2017 by Jerodev

Every few days we roam through the streets of Kickstarter because it is there that a lot of the most successful board games have started. In this news message, we listed the campaigns on this website that intrigued us the most this month and the ones we will probably all back.

Kickstarter is a website that helps people with a great idea to make this a reality. You can publish your project on Kickstarter and ask visitors to make a sort of "donation" to be able to finance your project. Of course, nobody does this for nothing, mostly the so-called backers get a copy of the product once it has been successfully produced and available. Kickstarter also houses a lot of board game projects and this is what we are most interested in!


Rise of Tribes doosThe first game that caught our attention this month is Rise of Tribes. In Rise of Tribes, every player is the leader of a new and starting tribe that explores and settles in the world. Players use dice to perform different actions, but a special forwarding system makes it so that every action has influence on the action of the other players. Every tribe has another way of playing and other win conditions, this makes the game different every time other tribes are in play. More information can be found on the Kicktstarter page for this game.

Actiesysteem met dobbelstenen van Rise of Tribes
Actiesysteem met dobbelstenen van Rise of Tribes


Groves board game boxA second game that looks like it is worth a pledge is Groves. In this game, you try to use your team of elves to expand your forest. This can be done by collecting the elements of nature like earth, water, and light. These elements are used to add new tiles to your forest or to recruit new and stronger elves who can collect even more elements. Ath the start of the game the goals are decided using special cards.
The game uses a special drafting system to get your workers every round. You get them from a bag and return them to the bag at the end of every round. This way you are never sure if you will ever get your best elves. All information about this game is available on their Kickstarter page.

Starter tiles for the board game Groves
Starter tiles for the board game Groves


These are the games that looked very interesting to us this month, we will probably back them so we can play them ourselves as fast as possible. Did we forget some important or amazing games? Let us know in the comments below!

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