Terra Mystica is going digital

3 Mar 2017 by Jerodev

A few months ago we were talking about how more and more board games are being ported to digital and mobile versions of the games. Yesterday another great board game has been announced to be ported to different platforms, namely Terra Mystica.

Update 21/04: Today, the digital game has been released for Android and iOS!

The digital version of Terra Mystica will be developed by DigiDiced. DigiDiced is the same company that has made the mobile versions of Patchwork, Le Havre: The Inland Port and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. And after a lot of hours of gameplay in each of these games, I can say with full confidence that this company is great at bringing board games to digital platforms!


Announcement screenshot from DigiDiced
Announcement screenshot from DigiDiced


The game itself will be released to all platforms in one of the next weeks according to the tweet by DigiDice. The game will also contain all functions I love about the other games they made. It will feature several levels of AI players to test your skills against as well as online, cross-platform (Android, iOS, PC) multiplayer. I am really excited about this new game! I have only been able to play the Terra Mystica board game a few times, but I am going to buy this digital game on my phone for sure and spend many hours on it.

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