Space Cowboys unveils three new expansions for T.I.M.E Stories

Space Cowboys had already announced a few weeks ago that they would be bringing new scenarios for one of their best-selling games of the last years, T.I.M.E Stories, this week, these expansions received a name and a face! The names, for the moment only confirmed in French, are: Lumen Fidei, [bgurl=4618]Estrella Drive[/bgurl] and Frères de la Côte.

T.I.M.E Stories is a cooperative board game in which players try to save the universe by stopping paradoxes and preventing temporal faults. Players are sent to a certain place and time and take the place of the characters to lead the scenario in the right direction. At the start of the game, a goal is set for the current scenario and the players have to reach this in as few time as possible. Failing is not an option, if everything seems to be going wrong, the players are being sent back in time to fix what has gone horribly wrong.

At the moment there are five scenarios available for T.I.M.E Stories: the base game and four expansions. In the next months, the following three scenarios will be added to that list.


De voorlopig dozen voor de nieuwe uitbereidingen van T.I.M.E Stories


The new scenarios, Lumen Fidei, [bgurl=4618]Estrella Drive[/bgurl] and Frères de la Côte, take the players respectively to a time of knights, a mystery in Hollywood and a dangerous pirates cove. We don't know much more about these scenarios yet which is probably a good thing, you don't want any spoilers before playing a game like this! Space Cowboys has already announced that these expansions will bring challenging choices and some new game mechanics.

I have not yet had the chance to play the game T.I.M.E Stories, but with these new expansions that are coming out, it looks like this is a game I really need to try! Keep a look out on this website to find updates where you will be able to buy these new expansions!

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