CMON wants to revolutionize board games with Teburu

19 Jul 2019 by Jerodev

Yesterday, CMON placed an announcement on their website for a board game system they are making that will revolutionize the market. Their new project, with the name Teburu, adds a new digital element that will improve the story and atmosphere for your games drastically without averting your attention of the analog game itself.

Teburu is a sort of advanced playmat on which you will place your board games. The system is primarily aimed at games that have a strong affinity for story elements such as Zombicide, which happens to be the first game that will be supported. The true power of Teburu is the ability to track characters, monsters, and obstacles on the game board and react to changes by playing sounds, triggering events and many others. There will also be a companion app that can be installed on the smartphone of all players to track the skills of your character and equipment. Your app will connect to the central Teburu instance and will take care of interactions and trading of resources.

All current information about the system can be found in the introduction video below. We still have to wait until 2020 to know all that Teburu will be capable of because that's when the Kickstarter for this system will launch.

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