Save the world in real time with Pandemic: Rapid Response

23 May 2019 by Jerodev

Pandemic is a cooperative board game in which players work together to save the world from all kinds of disasters, most of the time these are outbreaks of deadly viruses. Z-man Games has just announced the newest game in this series, Pandemic: Rapid Response. In this game players will take on several disasters on multiple locations over the whole world in real time! Can your team save humanity in time before these plagues wipe us out?

The game takes place aboard a cargo plane where players have the roles of operators that have to distribute the resources and supplies to the different disaster areas. Your plane will start at a random location in the world that is depicted on the edge of the playing board. Another random card is drawn to set the first disaster location. This card is put on the board at the associated location. This card also depicts the crates this city needs to survive. And now, the game begins!

Pandemic: Rapid Response gameplay

The hourglass is turned over and the first player can start his turn. On their turn, players throw all dice they have remaining in their pool. These dice are then used to perform several actions in corresponding locations on the plane. Fore example, there are four different rooms that are used to collect or generate the resources needed to help the cities. Another action can be to fly the plane, you don't just have to get the resources, but when ready, they also have to get to the location. When the plane is at its destination and all resources have been prepared in the cargo area, the cargo doors can be opened and the crates can be dropped in the requesting city. But you should also keep an eye on the hourglass, because when it stops before you can drop the crates, the city is lost forever.

If you are interested in more thorough information about the game and how it plays, we recommend to take a look at the official announcement, or watch the instructional video by "Watch It Played". The game is planned to be available in stores by June 23th.

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