Roll for it!

Roll for it!

Roll For It! is a casual, family-friendly dice and card game. Each player starts the game with six dice of a single color, and three target cards are laid face-up on the table. Players take turns doing the following: On a turn, a player rolls all of her dice not already on cards, then places any dice that match the targets on the corresponding cards.

If the player now fulfills the target with her dice (e.g., a pair of 3s, a quartet of 6s, or a specific combination of numbers) she claims the card, takes back her dice (and returns any other dice on the card to their owner), then places a new card on the table. Each card is worth a certain number of points. The first player to earn forty or more points wins!

Roll for it! gameplay
Released: 2011
  • 0793631253203
  • 0845866001255
Publishers: Calliope Games
Designers: Chris Leder
Artists: Chris Leder
Roll for it! gameplay
Roll for it! gameplay
Roll for it! components
Roll for it! card
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Roll for it! gameplay

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