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Latest boardgame news

Zombicide: Invader, now on Kickstarter

Today, CMON launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest variant in the Zombicide series with the name Zombicide: Invader. This new game takes place in the future, where the human race is exploring and mining a new planet, but it is here that they discover a new and terrifying threat...

Show of your spice trading skills - Century: Spice Road review

Which one of you is the best trader? Century: Spice Road challenges you to find this out in a battle of trading spices and completing contracts to score the most points. We bought this game a few weeks ago and played it extensively, these are our thoughts on this game.

Monopoly Gamer expands with a Mario Kart edition

Last year, Hasbro worked together with Nintendo on an original version of the well known Monopoly game in the world of Super Mario with all his friends and enemies from the video game. The success of this game was so great that the publishers collaborated again on a new Monopoly Gamer edition, namely Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart.