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Latest boardgame news

You’ve got crabs, a new game by the group behind Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a party game that broke records in 2015 with its Kickstarter campaign. The designers of this game haven't been idle since. Last year they released Bears vs Babies and this year, the group releases their new game that is called You've Got Crabs. But you have to be fast!

The best games to play with your partner on Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentines day again, the day that is all about you and your partner. And what better to do this day than playing your favorite board games with your partner. We listed some of the games we think are perfect to play with two players. Hopefully, you can get a new favorite out of these.

Uwe Rosenberg teases new Patchwork variants

Last weekend images appeared on social media show pictures and images of a rack with new game boxes by Lookout Spiele. Between these boxes, there were obviously some design concepts because they are the original boxes with "erweitung" (expansion) on them. But what stood out to us and other people were two new variants for the game Patchwork.