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Latest boardgame news

Fantasy Flight announces unique exploration game Discover: Lands Unknown

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced their newest game, Discover: Lands Unknown in their special series they named Unique Games. This series consists of games where each box is unique, so the game you bought will have drastically other components compared to the same game bought by a friend.

The Spiel des jahres winners have been announced

The Spiel des Jahres is a German commision that awards three prizes each year for some of the best board games of the past year. Yesterday, they announced the winners for this year for their Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres, and Kinderspiel des Jahres.

Z-Man Games reveals Pandemic 10th Anniversary edition

It has been ten years since Matt Leacock and Z-Man Games brought us the game Pandemic. In this time the game has grown immensely in popularity and today there are over ten different games in this family. To celebrate this occasion, the publisher is selling a 10th-anniversary edition of this game with new, improved and original components.