IDW Games brings Legend of Korra to your table

28 Jun 2017 von Jerodev

A few weeks ago IDW Games has acquired the rights to publish games for the latest setting in the Avatar series, The Legend of Korra. The first game that will be published using this license has just been announced and it will be a card game carrying the name The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena.

The board game will focus on the pro-bending part of the series as seen in the first season of The Legend of Korra animated series. Pro-bending is a sport in which two teams of three benders (one water, one fire and one earth) compete to throw the other team of off the platform they are fighting on. Your team keeps pushing the other team back zone after zone untill they go over the ledge.

Miniatures will be available to represent the contestants in the finished game along with cards for the different attacks for every element.


Pro-bending arena in The Legend of Korra television series
Pro-bending arena in The Legend of Korra television series


IDW Games has not yet released any details about the game other than the name and the box art. The game will be launched using a Kickstarter campaign that is said to start this summer. Be sure to keep an eye on this website for further updates on this game.

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